Wednesday, July 14, 2004
What The hell is wrong with ppl

I can't believe that the senate voted to drop the Federal Marriage Amendment. WTF. Now as you already know from my other post, I don't look fondly upon gay marriage, and I think that all the Gays should be sent to an island, gays and lesbians alike, that way they have a chance to survive, but they would have to turn from their Homosexual beliefs in order to carry on any signs of life on that island. Doesn't that sound like a possible solution for the uprise of homosexuality in America, cuz we all know that true homosexuality is a mental disorder, but most of them are just gay for attention. They strive to be noticed, and instead of killing themselves they turn gay, or Bi, or whatever the hell they want to consider themselves. GEEEZ that pisses me off. Anyway, i am going to stop typing for two reasons;
1. If you are still reading this, I am preaching to the choir.
2. I don't want to break my keyboard.

Posted at 11:34 pm by demosthenese
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Saturday, May 15, 2004
this is getting out of hand

Alright I thought for my first post i would let you all know what pisses me off the most so that if you are offended by any of this you will know not to come back,
  1. hardheaded liberal asswipes who think that every word they speak is staight from god
  2. Homosexuals and straights that are pushing for Gay rights to the extreme
  3. Atheists that won't stand to reason, even when faced with all the proof
  4. Everyone who pushes for the advancement of Black People. They are doing fine on their own.

That's about it. If it's enough to run you off, then you shouldn't be here in the first place.

Now then. First point, we don't need any of these Liberals pushing their belief that we need a draft, a new president, or that we don't need to be in Iraq right now.

Second point, I think that most gays and lesbians are fine as far as people go, but keep them away from our marriages, Those are a bond between you your spouse and God, We already know that God disagrees with homosexuality, it is in the bible. Besides that, most of the people that are gay now a days are not really, they choose to be so that they will be noticed.

Thirdly, their is overwhelming amounts of proof that Jesus Christ was a real person, and really did die the way that the bible says he did. That should be all i have to say on this point. Read the bible for more infprmation on tihis point.

I won't even get into details on my fourth point, because i don't want to get into trouble with the fine people at but bsed on my other points you could prolly guess what i would have said.

Posted at 11:31 pm by demosthenese
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